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Spring Vegetable Quiche

We’ve had a couple weeks of rain at the start of summer this year in Oregon. I’ve been trying to use up spring garden items that don’t get sold during the work week. Since the weather was chilly I decided to fire up the oven and make a large veggie quiche I could eat during the work week when I can be bad about feeding myself well.


I use a Jaques Pepin recipe for quick pâte brisée or butter dough. It’s very easy to remember and doesn’t require resting like most doughs do. It also doesn’t contain any sugar so it’s easy to use for savory applications. I used a new thrift shop pan I found in Astoria last winter that has beautiful fluted edges and a removable bottom. Instead of pie weights I use popcorn. It does the trick without imparting flavor. They can also be used over and over for a couple years before they spoil.


I prebaked the crust until it was firm then I removed the parchment holding the popcorn seeds and dried it another couple minutes in the oven. Then went in a little of everything I had on hand: onion, leek, mushroom, asparagus and spinach. I whipped up equal parts cream and milk with a few whole farm eggs and poured it in. Lastly, I topped it with a few chunks of cream cheese and baked it until firm. I served it with the last of the late spring lettuce that is beginning to get bitter with a spicy lemon, garlic and farm yolk aioli vinaigrette.



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