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Late Spring on the Farm

Things have been very busy between events, visitors, family weddings to attend (two in two cities in two days, 11 hours apart!) and trying to get things done around here. First Mom showed up so I bought us a pound of Dungeness crab meat and made the above dish – Crab Stuffed Filo Purses with Lemon Aioli and Chef’s Garden Lettuce. I also made crab salad, radish and chive blossom hors d’oeuvres -both from the spring menu and something I haven’t made her before.


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Otherwise I haven’t stopped much due to everything that needs to be done here in the spring. Thankfully I’ve had a lovely assortment of lettuce, spinach, kale, radish, rhubarb and now strawberries to fortify me.


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I had a bit of time the other night to put together some strawberry rhubarb jam. Tried a new technique which required it to sit overnight with the sugar after a quick boil. Turned out really nice and I’ve been using it on my yogurt in the morning. I also put a dozen jars in my pantry for holiday gifts.


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I’ve had dozens of other projects outside. I had to burn the brush pile of fruit tree trimmings and blackberry weedings that had been built up over two years. I expanded my plumbing skills in replacing a few of my irrigation spigots that have been leaking for years. Just a few calls to a friend and a little help at the hardware store and I had things in line. Now I have the watering system on easy to run timers that I can walk away from.  Or drive away from on my way out the door in the morning. I also had the garden tilled by a neighbor who owns a large tractor that can do it in a few minutes. Then I planted the summer garden while the raised beds that held most of my spring produce begin to wind down. Still waiting on the baby carrots, beets and scallions.


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Thankfully my devoted cat Larry found some time to rest in his favorite summertime spot -the bird bath!


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