Personal Chef

Snow Day

Today I had a large holiday event scheduled in Wilsonville. With the forecast calling for snow and freezing rain we were luckily able to reschedule. I woke early to give the hens a good scoop of corn to start their day. The sugar in the cracked corn helps them generate...

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Farm to Table Catering

The Last Harvest of the Year

This week I pulled the last of the garden before the cold weather set in. I still have sunchokes out there ready to get me through the winter. The cold will make them nice and sweet just like the carrots already are.  I harvested scallions, beets, carrots and two zucchini...

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Portland Private Chef

Mushroom Cap Ravioli

I was thinking one night how ravioli are classically bitesize but that there's no reason you can't make them larger. I thought a giant portobello mushroom cap might work to give structure to the ravioli during the boiling process so it didn't fall apart. After thinking about it for a...

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Portland Personal Chef

Italian Dinner

Last Thursday I filled a holiday gift certificate in Vancouver. The dinner was a gift from the office staff to the company owner. He shared it with his close family and friends. They chose to pick from the Italian menu. I especially love making meals from my destination menus since...

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Private Chef Portland Oregon


A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have been invited to a pop up dinner prepared by three visiting Danish chefs. They gave each table a few types of infused vodka and over the course of a few hours paired 15 types of open faced sandwiches on...

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Dietary Restrictions

I am often asked to create a specific menu that accommodates the dietary restrictions of the guests attending and, naturally, to obviate any allergic reactions. Today I was asked to compile menu for a 50th birthday party with 14 guests attending. Their restrictions were: dairy free, gluten free, nut allergy,...

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