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Snow Day

Today I had a large holiday event scheduled in Wilsonville. With the forecast calling for snow and freezing rain we were luckily able to reschedule. I woke early to give the hens a good scoop of corn to start their day. The sugar in the cracked corn helps them generate...

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Farm to Table Catering

The Last Harvest of the Year

This week I pulled the last of the garden before the cold weather set in. I still have sunchokes out there ready to get me through the winter. The cold will make them nice and sweet just like the carrots already are.  I harvested scallions, beets, carrots and two zucchini...

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Portland Private Chef

German Apple Pancake

I have two apple trees. One is a Gravensteen I harvest in August that makes wonderful preserves, apple butter and pie filling. The second is a winter apple that I leave mostly for the deer to eat. It has taken many years to get it back into production through slow...

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Best Private Chef

Welcome to the new website!

There are a lot of new things to discover. I've built 12 complete menus with photographs themed around special events, seasonal dinners and recipes I've developed from my recent travels in France, Spain and Italy. I've also added a blog to tell a little more of my story as a...

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Best Private Chef Portland

Fall Harvest and Clean Up

This weekend the first real rains have arrived. For weeks I've been avoiding the summer garden, concentrating on the new crops of radish, spinach, lettuce and beets in my raised beds out front. I've also been trying to bring in as many of the waning dahlia's to try and extend...

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