Private Chef Portland

Late Spring on the Farm

Things have been very busy between events, visitors, family weddings to attend (two in two cities in two days, 11 hours apart!) and trying to get things done around here. First Mom showed up so I bought us a pound of Dungeness crab meat and made the above dish -...

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Catering Portland

Early Spring in the Garden

After a tough winter the first ingredients in my spring garden are finally ready to harvest. In April I featured wild nettle, green elephant garlic, chives, violets, rhubarb and wild sorrel.   I am lucky enough to live next to a creek and have been gently tending a small patch of nettle...

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40th Birthday Party

I helped celebrate a 40th birthday party in Carlton, Oregon for a group of women who traveled in from all over the country to wine taste and celebrate their friend. I was even nice enough to set off the fire alarm a couple times and the fire department showed up,...

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