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Brioche Sour Cream Custard Tart

Today I made a large batch of brioche dough out of Baking with Julia. I’ve always loved that show and bought the book last year. I’ve also been collecting brioche molds since last spring when a friend brought several mini brioche to Easter brunch here at the farm.


I split the batch in half and opted to make a tart recipe and a standard brioche loaf. This meant I could use a fluted 2 inch tart pan I found in a thrift shop in Astoria last weekend and a medium brioche pan I found last August in Boston. Most women like shoes and jewels, I like pastry pans.


Today’s snow day seemed like a great time to try these out. The tart came out lovely. In the book she serves it with fruit and a sabayon (a whipped custard made from wine, sugar and egg yolks) but I love it as is. Just the pillowy crust with the simple custard, perfect with a cup of afternoon tea. Next time I would add either vanilla or lemon zest to the custard or dough. It would also be great with a chocolate custard, similar to chocolate silk pie. The crust is so gentle, sweet and chewy.


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Half Recipe of Brioche Dough


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Brioche Sour Cream Custard Tart


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