You Spend Your Time Hosting

We’ll Do The Rest

RELAX. Everything is made from scratch in your kitchen just prior to your guests arriving.


SAVOR. We maintain our own country garden chock full of fresh fruits and vegetables.


IMBIBE. Have wine in the cellar that should be enjoyed with fine food? Lets develop a menu around your favorites.


BE COMFORTABLE. Enjoy the privacy of entertaining in your own home.


ITS EFFORTLESS. When it’s all over, you won’t have a single dirty dish to worry about.


ITS PERSONAL. We cater dinner parties, buffets up to 40 and cocktail parties up to 70. We do not cater weddings or large events.


ABOUT THE CHEF. Brittany Baldwin has been a professional chef for more than 20 years. Since founding Portland Home Chef in 2005, she has been nationally recognized by Williams-Sonoma, Fortune and The New York Times for her signature farm-to-table cuisine, sustainability practices and innovative business model. Brittany trained in fine dining restaurants for a decade before graduating from Le Cordon Blue Culinary Academy with honors in 2004. She lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon and travels the world in pursuit of the finest, freshest foods.

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Portland Private Chef

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From our Farm To Your Table


The Chef’s Garden


PHC is headquartered on a one-acre farm just outside of Portland, Oregon where we organically grow much of the produce we serve: a wide range of fresh vegetables, apples, pears, plums, raspberries, blueberries and specialty items such as edible flowers, squash blossoms and other rare delicacies.


Farm Fresh Eggs


We offer farm-fresh chicken eggs raised on organic feed, garden compost and range greens. Eggs from free-range, pasture-raised hens may contain less cholesterol and saturated fat and more vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, and up to three times more vitamin E.


Dietary Needs


Can’t eat it? No problem. We are experts at crafting delicious meals that accommodate any dietary restrictions. Menus are customized to your preferences and needs.

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Portland Home Chef has prepared beautiful, memorable food for some of the most important events of my life–from catering my baby shower to preparing the first meals I ate as a new mother. I loved having a fine chef in my home who brought a wealth of expertise, ideas, and dietary knowledge with no pretense. Brittany is an impeccable chef and human being who brings integrity, brilliance, and kindness to every meal she prepares.


This is such an indulgence and yet no more costly than going out to a fine Portland restaurant! She is simply amazing. She quickly gets comfortable in your home and cooks up simply delicious and beautiful dishes. She adapts to whatever you’d like. Her menus offer anything you can think up and if you’d like something not on her menus she’ll do that too!

I can’t say enough good things about her services. Beyond our expectations!



It was our turn to host the annual holiday gathering of our group of 20, and Brittany worked with us planning the menu. We arrived home from work to a house filled with great smells, appetizers laid out, everything set up for the buffet that featured rack of lamb. Effortless, elegant, entertaining.




We cater everything from a fun backyard BBQ’s to elegant sit-down dinners. We love to get creative and can customize your menu to what’s best in the garden that week while working around any dietary restrictions.  Please call or fill out the form below and Brittany will get back to you shortly.

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Planning a business retreat on the beach?
Exploring wine country?
Having a family ski weekend on Mount Hood?

We can be your destination chef – for a single meal or an entire weekend of fine in home dining – with a menu tailored to you. We are here to give you more time to enjoy. Costs include our travel and accommodations.

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